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Day 1: Friday, March 10 – Depart Philadelphia on your overnight flight to Ireland.

Day 2: Saturday, March 11 – Dublin
Upon arrival, proceed through customs and collect baggage.  A Jet Vacations guide will greet you and take you on a panoramic tour of Dublin.  Visit Trinity College and the Book of Kells.  Enjoy lunch in a local pub.  Visit the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology
Continue to your hotel and check in.  *May not be possible before 15h00.  Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Dublin or area. (Dinner)

Day 3: Sunday, March 12 – Dublin
Spend the morning at leisure in Dublin.  This afternoon visit Dublin Castle.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Dublin or area. (Breakfast)

Day 4: Monday, March 13 – Dublin
This morning visit the Epic Museum of Irish Emigration.  Visit the Guinness Storehouse.  Then enjoy lunch at a local pub/restaurant (or the Guinness Storehouse).  Spend the balance of the day at leisure.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Dublin or area (Breakfast)

Day 5 – Tuesday, March 14 – Dublin – Howth
This morning visit the GPO Witness History Museum.  Then visit Kilmainham Gaol.  *Please see Notes section. We may have to be flexible with this difficult attraction and include it at any point on days 1-4 that they will offer a slot.  Spend the balance of the day at leisure.  This evening transfer to Howth for time at leisure for dinner under own arrangements.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Dublin or area (Breakfast)

Day 6 – Wednesday, March 15 – Dublin to Galway
This morning depart Dublin and journey to Galway.  En-route visit Bru na Boinne and Newgrange.  *Please see Notes section. It may not be possible to secure the exact time needed to fit in with the itinerary. We will request this attraction when you ask us to book the hotels.  Also visit Monasterboice.  *depending on the Bru na Boinne visit time we may just have to leave this out. It’s a FOC visit.  Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Galway or area (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 7 – Thursday, March 16 – Aran Island
Take the ferry from Rossaveal to Inish Mor.  *Swapping days 6 & 8 due to bad weather is subject to availability and waiving of any cancellation costs at the time of the request.  Spend free time on the island .  Take the ferry back to Rossaveal and return to Galway.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Galway or area (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 8 – Friday, March 17 – St Patrick’s Day
Enjoy transfers in and out of Galway City to enjoy the St Patrick’s Day celebrations.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Galway or area. (Breakfast)

Day 9 – Saturday, March 18 – Connemara.  
Enjoy a drive into the Connemara Region.  Visit Kylemore Abbey.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Galway or area. (Breakfast)

Day 10 – Sunday, March 19 – Galway to Killarney.  
This morning depart Galway and journey to Killarney. En-route journey through the Burren and enjoy a photo stop at the Poulnabrone Dolmen.  Visit the Cliffs of Moher.  Continue and take the Shannon Car Ferry.  Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Killarney or area.  (Breakfast , Dinner)

Day 11 – Monday, March 20 – Dingle Peninsula.  
Today enjoy touring the Dingle Peninsula.  Visit the Gallarus Oratory.  Enjoy lunch at a local pub.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Killarney or area.  (Breakfast).

Day 12 – Tuesday, March 21 – County Cork.  
From Killarney visit Blarney Castle.  Then visit the Jameson Distillery Midleton.  Return to Killarney.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Killarney or area

Day 13 – Wednesday, March 22 – Killarney to Dublin.  
This morning depart Killarney and journey to Dublin.  Visit the Rock of Cashel.  Enjoy time for lunch at leisure in Kilkenny.  *This may be a late lunch but the only way to fit in all activities on this day is to combined lunch and leisure time in Kilkenny.  Enjoy a road train ride in Kilkenny City Centre.  Overnight, bed and breakfast at your hotel in Killarney or area

Day 14 – Thursday, March 23 – Departure back to the U.S.
After breakfast, check out from your hotel in Dublin and transfer to Dublin’s airport for your flight back to the U.S.

Best of Ireland including St Patricks Day



Day 1: APR 27, 2023 - Departure from the USA on your overnight flight to Egypt

Day 2: APR 28, 2023 - Welcome to Cairo!  Upon arrival, proceed through customs and collect your luggage. A Jet Vacations professional guide will personally greet you. Departure by deluxe coach before drop off at the hotel.  Check in at the hotel and rest of the day at leisure.  Tonight, enjoy a welcome dinner with the other group members. Overnight in Cairo. (D).

Day 3: APR 29, 2023 - After breakfast, meet your Egyptologist guide at the hotel and set off for your guided tour of the Pyramids & the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau. The ancient Greeks considered the great Pyramid to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. As you stand beside these incredible Egyptian monuments, you will marvel at the size of the Giza pyramids and the magnitude that went into their construction. View the inscrutable Sphinx with the body of a lion and the face of a man.  Evening is at your leisure.  (B). 

Day 4: APR 30, 2023 – Travel to Aswan (Optional Tour Aby Simbel.  Breakfast. Check out. Transfer to Cairo Airport for flight to Aswan.  AM Flight Cairo / Aswan or Abu Simbel. You also have the possibility to join an optional excursion to Abu Simbel.  Depart on your flight to Abu Simbel.  Visit millennia-old monuments with a visit to Abu Simbel! After your flight, travel to the temples of Ramses II and his favorite wife, Nefertari. New Kingdom rulers extended Egypt’s borders to the Fourth Cataract, and Ramses II, in a gesture of piety and self-aggrandizement, ordered two sun temples carved from the limestone mountains at Abu Simbel dating between 1290-1124 BC. Here, on the face of the cliffs, stonemasons hewed giant figures of the king that radiated power, dominated the landscape, and with their ceaseless stares subjugated all who dared to enter Egypt. In modern times, the two temples of Abu Simbel were threatened by the waters that would rise with the completion of the High Dam. The temples were cut into blocks, raised piece by piece, then reassembled in their new position. At the Great Temple of Ra-Harakhte, the four famous colossal statues of Ramses II sit majestically over 20 meters high, staring out across the desert. Through the entrance to the temple is an impressive hypostyle hall, flanked with statues of Ramses II which leads to the vestibule and finally to the innermost Sacred Sanctuary. The temple of Hathor, dedicated to the cow-headed goddess of love and built in honor of Ramses’ favorite wife, Queen Nefertari is fronted by six massive standing statues, each 10 meters high.  Fly back to Aswan meet up with group members who did not join the Abu Simbel optional tour.  Dinner is included this evening at the hotel restaurant.   Overnight at your hotel in Aswan (B,D)
Day 5: May 1, 2023– Tour Aswan and Board our Nile Cruise –This morning meet your local guide.  Visit the High Dam Egypt’s contemporary example of building on a monumental scale contains 18 times the amount of material used in the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The controversial Sadd al-Ali, the High dam, is 3600 meters across and 111 meters high at its highest point. The water contained by the dam has backed up nearly 500 Km, taking it well into the Sudan and creating Lake Nasser, the world’s largest artificial lake.  Then proceed to visit Philae Temple on the Island of Agilika. The romantic and majestic aura surrounding the temple complex of Isis on the island of Philae has been luring pilgrims for thousands of years; during the 19th century the ruins were one of Egypt’s most legendary tourist attraction Even when it seemed that they were destined to be lost forever beneath the rising water of the Nile, travelers still came today, enjoy a free day exploring Aswan.  Later, transfer to your cruise ship for lunch on board.  Dinner is also onboard the ship. (B,L,D) 

Day 6: May 2 2023 - Full Day tour of Kom Ombo – Edfu.  Buffet breakfast on board. Sailing to Kom Ombo.  Visit the Temple shared by two gods Sobel & Haeroris in Kom Ombo, standing on a promontory at a bend in the Nile, where in ancient times sacred crocodiles basked in the sun on the river bank. Although substantially ruined by the changing tides of the river and by later builders who used many of its stones for new buildings, Kom Ombo is nevertheless a stunning site.  Sail to Edfu. Lunch and dinner on board.  Sail to Luxor via Esna.  Overnight on-board cruise. (B,L,D)

Day 7: May 3, 2023 - Full Day tour of Luxor.  Buffet breakfast on board.  Visit Horus Temple in Edfu the largest and most completely preserved Pharaonic, albeit Greek-built, temple in Egypt, the extraordinary Temple of Horus. Construction of this huge complex began under Ptolmey III Euergetes I in 237 BC and was completed nearly 200 years later during the reign of Ptolmey XIII in the 1st century BC. Dedicated to Horus the falcon-headed son of Osiris, who avenged his father’s murder by slaying his uncle Seth, the temple was built on the site where, according to legend, the two gods met in deadly combat.  Lunch on board.  Visit the East Bank including Luxor Temple Built over several centuries by Amenhopis III, Tutankhamun, Ramses II, and Alexander the Great. The temple is a graceful piece of architecture preceded by an avenue of sphinxes, containing impressive statuary of Ramses II, the Great Court of Ramses II, the colonnade and court of Amenhopis III, the hypostyle hall, and the temple of Amun. & Karnak Temples in the New Kingdom, Amun-Ra was worshipped as the most important state god and the immense wealth of Thebes was spent embellishing and building temples in his honor.  Dinner on board.  Overnight on-board cruise. (B,L,D)

Day 8: May 4, 2023 - Full Day tour of Valley of the Kings & Queens.  Buffet breakfast on board. Disembarkation.  Visit the West Bank including "Valley of the Kings: the famous Valley of the Kings, where 62 Pharaohs are entombed Gorgeously adorned with gold and jewels and surrounded with treasures and replicas of all they would need in the afterlife, the pharaohs were buried in rock-cut tombs. Frustrated by the pillage of earlier more visible tombs, they cut their tombs deep into the sandstone, away from the public view and separated from their mortuary temples.  Valley of the Queens: The Valley of the Queens where royal wives and royal princes are buried. There are at least 75 tombs in Biban al-Harim, the Valley of the Queens.  Temple of Queen Hatchepsut: rising out of the desert plain, in a series of terraces, the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut merges with the sheer limestone cliffs of the eastern face of the Theban Mountain as if the nature herself had built this extraordinary monument.  Transfer to Sonesta St. George hotel.  Check in.  Evening free at leisure.  Overnight in Luxor. (B)

Day 9: May 5, 2023 - Tour of the Cairo National Museum and Khan El-Khalili bazaar.  Breakfast.  Check out.  Transfer to Luxor Airport for flight to Cairo.  AM flight Luxor / Cairo.  Arrive at Cairo Airport and start your tour by visiting the Egyptian Museum Although located in the heart of Cairo, it has a pleasing atmosphere of the ancient time of the Pharaohs. There is a beautiful contrast between the well-trimmed garden and the facade of the museum & Khan El-Khalili Bazaars Is considered as the largest and oldest Bazaar in Cairo, built in 1382 by Sultan Barquq’s Master Garkas El Khalili it became known as the Turkish Bazaar during the Ottoman period. Khan El Khalili extends in part over the site of the now vanished Fatimid Palaces, which covered an area of 400,000 sq. m. and used to house 12,000 domestics.  Farewell Dinner in Cairo with direct transfer to the airport for early AM flight (day 10) to USA arrival back home on Day 10 (B, D)

Day 10: May 6, 2023 – Departure Day.  Early morning flight and transfer from Cairo to USA. 


Day 1: APR 24, 2023 – DEPART THE U.S. FOR ISTANBUL, TURKEY:  Overnight flight from the U.S to Istanbul, Turkey.

Day 2: APR 25, 2023 – WELCOME TO ISTANBUL, TURKEY Welcome to Turkey!  Upon arrival, proceed through customs and collect your luggage. A Jet Vacations professional guide will personally greet you, meet the group at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Before dinner a short walk around the hotel for orientation & Welcome dinner at Flower Market (çiçek pasajı) (walking distance to the hotel).  Overnight in Istanbul (B, D)

Day 3: APR 26, 2023 – ISTANBUL:  After Breakfast, start your Full day sightseeing. In the morning visit Byzantine Hippodrome, in which stand the obelisk brought from Egypt by Theodosius and the Serpent Column taken from Delphi by Constantine. The Blue Mosque, which has six minarets and a middle dome of 109 feet, is the next stop before St. Sophia, an originally Christian Basilica, conceived by Constantine and rebuilt by Justinian, then turned into a mosque. In the afternoon visit Topkapi Palace (Harem section is not included) which served as the home of Ottoman Sultans for 400 years and now serves as a museum with a exquisite collection of Chinese porcelain and Ottoman treasury. Before returning to your hotel visit the Grand Covered Bazaar dating back to XVth century, which has over 2,000 shops under one roof. Overnight at hotel. (B,L)

Day 4: APR 27, 2023 – ISTANBUL:  After breakfast depart for the sightseeing tour, a short stop to the Spice Market; the famous  exotic food market selling spices, dried fruits as well as towels, slippers, baskets and some jewellery. And then Bosphorus Cruise along the Bosphorus by a private boat, the winding strait separating Europe & Asia. Bosphorus coastline is a delightful mixture of the past and the present where one can enjoy the grand splendour and quaint beauty of the ancient wooden mansions, palaces of marble, fortresses, and small fishing villages. Rumeli Fortress (from the boat, no interior visit) and Leander’s Tower (from the boat, no interior visit). Disembark in the Asian side and visit Beylerbeyi Palace and Camlica Hill for a panoramic view of Istanbul. Dinner is evening is at the Hamdi restaurant. Overnight at hotel (B, D)

Day 5: APR 28, 2023 – ISTANBUL - DEPARTURE.  After breakfast, check out from your hotel and set out to ISTANBUL AIRPORT for your flight to Cairo. (B)

Istanbul PRE TOUR program includes:
•	One Way airfare from Istanbul (IST) to Cairo (CAI) airport
•	Airline taxes and fuel surcharges are included. (Valid at present time)
•	First class hotel accommodations for 3 nights in Istanbul (3 night) or similar accommodations including hotel tax and service charges.
•	Services of an English-speaking tour host throughout the program.
•	Deluxe air-conditioned motor coach transportation for all transfers, tours and guided excursions. 
•	Private Bosphorus cruise
•	Admission as mentioned in the itinerary. 
•	Daily Breakfast and 1 lunch and 2 dinners (soft drinks, only, are included).
•	All VAT city and local Tax, baggage handling at hotels. (Based on one bag per person).


Extend you trip to Egypt along the country’s beautiful beaches.  Situated at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el-Sheikh boasts long beaches of soft sand and stunning underwater scenery. The finest seaside resort in Sinai offers beach-goers an ideal spot to sunbathe and relax under the Egyptian rays, while divers are treated to famous up-close views of the Red Sea’s most beautiful coral reefs. This 4-day, 3-night Egypt vacation extension to your Egypt travel package will allow the chance to rest on the beach and enjoy the local nightlife.

Day 10: MAY 06, 2023 – DEPART CAIRO TO SHARM EL SHEIKH:   This morning from Luxor, we continue to Sharm Sheik and our Red Sea.  Enjoy some free time upon arrival.  Tonight, enjoy a group dinner at your hotel.  Overnight in Sharm El Sheikh (B ,D)

Day 11: MAY 07, 2023 – SHARM EL SHEIKH: A day of sun and sea to plan as you like. Sign up for an optional snorkeling or Scuba Diving tour in Ras Mohammed underwater nature reserve or for a trek to a Bedouin Camp in the desert. (B, L, D)

Day 12: MAY 08, 2023 – SHARM EL SHEIKH: A full day Boat excursion to include the ultimate Dolphin experience.  Lunch and some refreshments included during you excursion.  Duration approx. 7hrs.  (B, L, D). 

Day 13: May 09, 2023 – RETURN TO CAIRO and Egyptian Museum at Tahrir & Khan El-Khalili Bazaars
After breakfast, take a short flight to Cairo.  Upon arrival, meet your  guide at the hotel and set off for your guided tour of the s Egyptian Museum at Tahrir & Khan El-Khalili Bazaars. Tonight, enjoy a group Farewell Dinner.  Overnight in Cairo (B, L, D)

Day 14: MAY 10, 2023 – CAIRO – Depart USA: After breakfast, you will be assisted by our representative and transferred aboard your private vehicle to Sharm El Sheikh Airport for your flight back to the U.S. (B)

Egypt, Land of Gods



Day 1: Saturday March 24, 2023 - Departure from the USA on your overnight flight to Spain

Day 2: Sunday March 25, 2023 – Madrid:  Upon arrival, proceed through customs and collect your luggage. A Jet Vacations professional guide will personally greet you. Departure and transfer by deluxe coach to your hotel centrally located in Madrid.  Madrid is one of the world’s most vibrant and seductive cites. A city that takes pleasure in its traditions and always proud to display a wealth of cultural treasures and architectural glories, Madrid always manages to exceed expectations.  After check in and little time for rest, your tour guide will take you on an orientation tour of Madrid while the rooms are getting ready. Rest of the day at leisure.  Tonight, enjoy a welcome diner with the other group members. Overnight in Madrid. (Dinner)

Day 3 Monday March 26, 2023 – Madrid - Toledo: After breakfast at the hotel, depart for your morning guided Madrid city tour.  Visit the old part of the town called the Madrid of the Ausburg (dating from XV to XVIIIth century), where Madrid became the capital of a huge Empire. Visit the charming downtowns of Plaza Mayor, Plaza de la Villa and marvel inside the Royal Palace, rebuilt in XVIIIIth century, where all-important official ceremonies are still celebrated today. Enjoy some time for lunch at leisure and in the afternoon, set out on an excursion to Toledo, a Museum-city of great artistic beauty. It was the capital of the Country under the Visigoth domination and it is considered one of the oldest cities in Europe. Today, Toledo keeps examples of architecture from different periods. Return to Madrid. Dinner on your own and overnight (Breakfast)

Day 4 Tuesday March 27,  2023 – Cordoba - Torremolinos: After breakfast at the hotel, we depart to discover region of “La Mancha’, famed by Don Quixote’s scenario.  Arrive in Cordoba and enjoy a lunch at local restaurant. Afterwards, set out on a guided city tour of Cordoba.  During the Roman age, this city was of great importance, but it is during the Moslem domination that Cordoba reached its maximum splendor, especially in the IX and Xth centuries, when Cordoba became the capital of the Caliphate, and became the most populated town in the world (almost 1 million residents). Enjoy a morning guided city tour and visit the Mosque, considered one the most beautiful in the world. Then, walk around the Jewish Quarter, with its narrow streets and Andalusia "patios", ending with a visit of the Synagogue - Cordoba Mosque.  After the visit, continue to Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol. Check into your hotel in Torremolinos, dinner at hotel and overnight (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 5 Wednesday March 28, 2023 – Granada: Breakfast at the hotel. This morning, depart by coach to Granada for the day.  Granada was an important Islamic kingdom in middle age but it reached its peak splendor in XIVth century, when the city was the capital of the Nasrid Islamic kingdom, the last Islamic kingdom in the peninsula.  The Nasrid were a very sophisticated royal family, promoting the development of literature, art and science. Finally, in 1492, power passes to the Crown of Castile, transforming the whole city of Granada.  Visit the Palace of Alhambra and Generalife gardens, the most beautiful medieval building of Arab art in the world.  Located on a hill called Assabica (red), it dominates completely the city. The indescribable beauty of its courtyards and palaces represents the splendor of the city back in the middle age. The Gardens of Generalife, with its beautiful fountains, was a resting place for the Nazarid kings.  Enjoy lunch at local restaurant.  Afternoon visit of the Royal Chapel featuring the burial of Catholic King considered a masterpiece of the Renaissance art. Return to Torremolinos.  Dinner tonight is at leisure and overnight in your hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 6 Thursday March 29, 2023 – Ronda: After breakfast, depart for a tour of Ronda. Ronda is one of the most ancient cities in Spain, named after the nearby mountain range.  An impressive sheer cliff of over 300 ft. called El Tajo splits the town, dividing the old part from the new one. We will visit the Church of Santa María, formerly the Mosque, featuring Gothic and Renaissance architecture, a Plateresque altarpiece and choir stalls as well as the Hispano-Muslim tower.  Then tour the old town, rich in places of interest, palaces and convents. Our tour will end with a visit of the bullring, built in 1784 and made entirely of stone, which is considered to be the oldest in Spain, and where Pedro Romero, the famous bullfighter, set up the rules of bullfighting on foot which to this day, are still in effect.  Return to Torremolinos for dinner on your own and overnight. (Breakfast)

Day 7 Friday March 30, 2023 – Seville: Breakfast at Hotel. Today, depart on a full day tour to Seville. Inhabited during more than 25 centuries, settlers from the Tartesso (pre-Roman culture), Romans, Visigoths, followed by the Islamic period, Seville becomes after the XIIth century, a capital of a powerful Islamic kingdom.  Christians recovered Seville in 1248 and Fernando III the Saint developed intensively the city.  With the discovery of America, it becomes the port and location of all institutions that control all trades with America.  The splendor of the city peaked in the XVI and XVIIth century. Today, Sevilla is the beautiful capital of Andalusia, famous for the liveliness of its celebrations, the grandeur of its processions, flower-filled balconies and patios.  During the guided city-tour, we will have the chance to visit the gothic Cathedral, the third largest in the world, and site of the tomb of Christopher Columbus. The bell tower, called La Giralda (was once the minaret of the mosque), is now a symbol of the city and offers a spectacular view of the town.  Walk in the Quarter of Santa Cruz, which boasts a colorful maze of alleys, small squares and gorgeous gardens. Visit the Maria Luisa Park, location of the monumental Plaza de España (Square of Spain).  At the end of the tour, enjoy a tapas dinner in a local restaurant.  Return to Torremolinos for evening at leisure and overnight at your hotel. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 8 Saturday March 31, 2023 – Torremolinos- Optional excursion to Gibraltar (minimum 10 people needed to operate): After breakfast, enjoy spending this day at leisure discovering Torremolinos on your own, or join an optional excursion to Gibraltar.  Enjoy the scenic sights as you travel towards the island and listen as your guide sets the historical scene. On arrival, head straight to the iconic Rock of Gibraltar, a natural formation that rises resplendently over the curvaceous coastline. Capture the landmark on camera then delve into the darkened depths of St. Michael’s cave in order to admire some of the unearthly rock sculptures that reside within.  Revel in the outrageous antics of the island’s resident monkeys as they frolic in an attempt to win your attention and affection. Then, enjoy an afternoon of independent exploration as you soak up the atmosphere of charming cafes and browse the boutiques of Main Street for special souvenirs. Return to Torremolinos for a farewell Paella Dinner. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 9 Sunday April 01, 2023– Torremolinos / U.S.: After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your return flight back home. Hasta Luego (Breakfast)

Madrid and the Costa Del Sol


Day 1- OCTOBER 26, 2023: Depart the USA: Depart the U.S. on an overnight flight to France.

Day 2- OCTOBER 27, 2023: BORDEAUX: Welcome to France.  A Jet Vacations representative will personally greet you and arrange your transfer to your river cruise ship in Bordeaux. After you've comfortably settled in your cabin, we'll introduce our crew during our welcome cocktail party. You'll have dinner on board, and enjoy an evening or entertainment.  We will remain in port overnight. (Dinner)

Day 3- OCTOBER 28, 2023: BORDEAUX - PAUILLAC: We sail down the river Garonne and then join the river Gironde and Patiras island before arriving in Pauillac just in time for lunch on board. After lunch on board, our excursion this afternoon is to visit the Médoc - a renowned region where the most famous of all red wines in the world are cultivated. We also have the opportunity to see the “must see” châteaux Lafite-Rothschild, Latour and Mouton Rothschild. We return on board for dinner and an evening of entertainment. We moor for the night in Pauillac. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

Day 4- OCTOBER 29, 2023: PAUILLAC - GIRONDE ESTUARY - BLAYE: We set sail early this morning, cruising along the Gironde to the estuary. We have lunch on board, and arrive in Blaye. We set off on our excursion along the Corniche, or cliff route. We stop in the village of Bourg, a charming city built on a rocky outcrop enclosed by medieval ramparts. On the way back, travel through some of the world’s most famous vineyards.  We return on board for dinner. We moor for the night in Blaye. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 5– OCTOBER 30, 2023: BLAYE – COGNAC: After breakfast onboard, walking tour of Blaye, where we will visit the citadel.  Following lunch onboard, we will depart towards Cognac to discover Romanesque churches, typical sceneries of a “terroir” considered by many as the “French Tuscany”, traveling along the roads and quaysides, passing monuments and Cognac’s public gardens. Enjoy a guided visit of the chateau of Cognac, birthplace of French king, François I. A historic building dating from the 13th to 16th centuries, the chateau is a wonderful blend of the history of both Cognac and France. The visit is followed by a tasting session in cognac cellars where you will learn about the enthralling adventure of the “Liqueur of the Gods” with much information about vine growing and harvesting, wine production, distilling and more. Return to Blaye at the end of the day.  (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 6- OCTOBER 31, 2023: BLAYE - LIBOURNE  - SAINT-EMILION: We set sail early this morning, taking breakfast as we cruise, heading towards Libourne. We join the river Dordogne and head for Libourne where we arrive in the early afternoon. After lunch on board, we set off by coach on our excursion to Saint-Emilion. We have a guided visit of the underground monuments of Saint- Emilion village as our guide introduces us to the history of the medieval city. We then visit an exceptional Troglodyte settlement - the cave of Emilion, and we have a tasting to conclude our visit. We rejoin our floating hotel in Libourne at the end of the afternoon. After dinner on board we have an evening’s entertainment provided by our crew before we moor for the night. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 7- NOVEMBER 01, 2023: LIBOURNE - CADILLAC: We have breakfast as we cruise this morning, heading for Cadillac. Lunch on board. Arrival in Cadillac. This afternoon we have guided visits to the château de Roquetaillade and to Cadillac. This middle age castle is also famous for the inside decoration dating from the XIXth century. We will then enjoy a stop in a Sauterne winery for a special tasting. We then return to Cadillac for a guided visit of the city featuring its castle, old mansions and church dating back to the XVth century. We return on board for dinner. The rest of the evening is free. We moor for the night in Cadillac. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 

Day 8- NOVEMBER 02, 2023: BORDEAUX: Early relaxing morning of cruising the Garonne bound for Bordeaux through the famous vineyards of Graves.  Upon arrival, set off on a walking tour of Bordeaux.  A city of art and architecture, Bordeaux is part of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Visit the old city from the large avenues to the narrow streets of Saint Pierre district.  Lunch onboard and free afternoon Captain’s Farewell dinner, followed by an evening of dancing. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 

Day 9- NOVEMBER 03, 2023: BORDEAUX: This Morning you will be transferred* by your Jet Vacations Representative to your homebound flight. (Breakfast)  


Day 1- OCTOBER 23, 2023: Depart the USA: Depart the U.S. on an overnight flight to Spain.

Day 2- OCTOBER 24, 2023:  BILBAO: Welcome to Spain.  A Jet Vacations representative will personally greet you and arrange your transfer to your hotel in Bilbao by deluxe coach.  Check into your Hotel for your 3-night post stay.  Tonight enjoy a welcome diner with the other group members. (Dinner)

Day 3- OCTOBER 25, 2023:  BILBAO: After breakfast, meet your private guide and then start with a morning visit of the Guggenheim Museum.  It is a great chance to enjoy one of the most representative building of contemporary architecture.  Discover the contrasts between yesterday and today.  After spending your lunch time on your own, your guide will take you on a walking tour through the city. Firstly, entering the 7 Calles or Old Town, you will discover the traditional architecture and atmosphere: narrow streets, many shops, bars, restaurants and a lot of life. There, apart from seeing the most important buildings such as the Cathedral of Santiago or the local market, the Mercado de la Ribera, your guide will discuss about the origins of Bilbao as a port, the maritime trade with Flanders, the great industrialization, and about the importance of the river.  Walk back to your hotel in Bilbao – check-in and rest of the evening at leisure. (Breakfast)

Day 4- OCTOBER 26, 2023:  SAN SEBASTIAN: After breakfast, set on a scenery drive through the Basque countryside towards San Sebastian.  Travel through rugged landscapes and small local mountain villages, which holds the essence of rural lifestyle.  Upon arrival, meet your guide and then set off to a light lunch in the area’s famed pintxos bars to immerse yourself in the atmosphere.  Learn about the pintxos scene and, of course, sample some of the treats yourself.  Much like regular tapas, pintxo dishes on the city menus change daily; expect a dainty but delicious treat — perhaps olives and artisan cheese pierced by a cocktail stick — paired with a drink in each bar.  Spend the afternoon ambling at a leisurely pace, exploring the tangle of narrow lanes that make up Parte Vieja, San Sebastián’s handsome Old Town.  Sandwiched between La Concha beach and the banks of the Urumea River, the Old Town hub is home to a treasure trove of the city’s finest sights.  Wander past a farmers' market to soak up the colorful hubbub of day-to-day activity, and pose for photos in front of San Sebastián Town Hall.  Pass churches with remarkable Baroque facades, and hear the history behind sights such as Plaza de la Constitución, an 18th-century square that was partially destroyed by a fire a century after it was built.  After two hours exploring the city and its legendary pintxos bars, make your way to your hotel. (Breakfast – Light Lunch)

Day 5- OCTOBER 27, 2023: SAN SEBASTIAN - BORDEAUX:  After breakfast, transfer to Bordeaux to meet up with your river ship for your Bordeaux cruise. (Breakfast)


Day 9- NOVEMBER 03, 2023: Depart to your Post tour of Paris: After breakfast, transfer to Bordeaux TGV station for your High-Speed train trip to Paris.  A Jet Vacations representative will personally greet you and arrange your transfer to your hotel in Paris.  Time at leisure to explore the City of Light on your own. Lunch and dinner on your own. Overnight at your hotel in Paris. (Breakfast)  

Day 10- NOVEMBER 04, 2023: Paris: Breakfast at the hotel.  Spend your day at leisure exploring Paris arrondissements.  Lunch and dinner on your own. Overnight at your hotel in Paris. (Breakfast)  

Day 1- NOVEMBER 05, 2023: PARIS – DEPARTURE DAY: Depart to the CDG airport on your own for your homebound flight. (Breakfast)

River cruising the wine region of Bordeaux

Sail on two of France’s mighty rivers and the Gironde estuary. BORDEAUX - PAUILLAC - BLAYE - LIBOURNE - SAINT-EMILION - CADILLAC - COGNAC


Day 1: OCT 16, 2023 - Departure from the USA. on your overnight flight to Sicily

Day 2:  OCT 17, 2023 - Welcome to Palermo!  
Upon arrival, proceed through customs and collect your luggage. A Jet Vacations professional guide will personally greet you. Departure for a Panoramic tour of Palermo by deluxe coach before drop off at the hotel.  Check in followed by some free time for lunch while the rooms are getting ready.  Your Tour Manager will escort you through town, discovering the little shops selling delicious street food. Rest of the day at leisure.  Tonight, enjoy a welcome diner with the other group members in a traditional Sicilian restaurant. Overnight in Palermo. (Dinner)

Day 3:  OCT 18, 2023 - Palermo /Cefalù.  
After our daily breakfast, meet our local guide for a guided tour of Palermo city center.  Explore old avenues and Arabic neighborhoods, iconic cathedrals, as well as the Teatro Massimo Palermo’s elegant Opera House (from outside). Your guided tour will include also a visit of the Palatine Chapel located inside the Norman Palace. Continue your visit with your tour manager discovering the picturesque local market featuring colored fruit vegetables and delicious street food. Late in the afternoon, drive to Cefalù which was founded on a hillside facing the sea near Palermo and which offers amazing view on the coast.  It retains its medieval appearance with the center of the town located around a Norman cathedral which was built by Roger II in the 12th century.  As a leading bishopric, there are many churches and the homes in the town feature interesting architectural detail and the many shops offer an array of local crafts.  Discover the beautiful long beach with fine sand right in the town.  In the evening, enjoy dinner at local restaurant facing the blue sea. Return to Palermo after dinner. (Breakfast, Dinner) 

Day 4:  OCT 19, 2023: Palermo / Erice / Country Lunch & Salt Road / Palermo
After breakfast, set out on a full day excursion, with a first stop to the hilltop town of Erice, a medieval town, built on the top of Monte San Giuliano.  It was an ancient settlement, predating the Middle Ages, but little remains from this period. The town features incredible city walls, fine paved streets, stone houses with decorated doorways, and open spaces with churches, all dating from the Middle Ages. Then we proceed to an Oil Mill and Farmhouse, locally called Baglio, Baglio Fontanasalsa, to experience the Sicilian traditions and have a country style lunch with simple and delicious Sicilian products that have passed from generation to generation.  Visit the oil mill and learn about the oil production and be greeted by a traditional Sicilian singer and enjoy some folk music and songs before lunch. In the afternoon, drive along saltpans and Sicilian windmills, and marvel at the dazzlingly white mountains shimmering in the sun. These are not snow-capped mountains but hills of salt, creating an unreal scenario of salt flats, which form a sort of immense colored chessboard that ranges from off-green to pink.  Visit the salt museum owned by private family producing salt for generations.  Enjoy welcome by one of the family member with explanation on how they estracted salt since years.  Return to Palermo in the afternoon. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 5:  OCT 20, 2023: Palermo/  Winery / Piazza Armerina  / Siracusa
After breakfast and check out from your hotel. Depart by private motor coach towards Siracusa who will host us for the rest of the stay. Along the way stop at the Regareali Estate and visit the winery and taste their exquisite wines.  Enjoy lunch in the noble villa still used by the family.  In the afternoon, stop in Piazza Armerina and visit the Roman Villa Villa del Casale to admire the mosaics a UNESCO heritage site of extraordinary beauty.  Arrival in Siracusa, check into your hotel and spend your evening at leisure.

Day 6:  OCT 21, 2023: Siracusa
Today after breakfast, set out on a full day tour of Siracusa which was founded by the Greeks from Corinth, and once the most important city in the Western World.  In the unique “Parco Archeologico”, marvel at the impressive ruins and the magnificent Greek Theatre.   Situated adjacent to a large Roman Coliseum and an ancient quarry, the Theatre is one of the biggest and best preserved in the entire Mediterranean, and it possesses such a remarkable acoustics that Caravaggio called it the “Orecchio de Dionisiso” (the ear of Dionysius).  Following lunch on your own, visit the beautiful island of Ortygia.  Here, amid the artistic vestiges of over 2500 years of history, you will walk streets once trod by Pindar, Aeschylus, Plato, Cicero and Archimedes.  Explore the Piazza Archimede, the legendary Fonte Aretusa (Fountain of Arethusa), and Siracusa’s historically unique Duomo. Your Tour Manager will also escort you to the traditional fish market, a feast for the eyes, one of the most spectacular fish market in Sicily.  Evening at leisure. (Breakfast)

Day 7:  OCT 22, 2023: Taormina.  
After breakfast, board your coach and travel to Taormina.  Standing high on Monte Tauro and dominating the two grand sweeping bays below, Taormina is Sicily’s best-known resort and it is a strong contender for the title of most beautiful place on earth!  Taormina forms a balcony overlooking the sea, facing Mount Etna.  This climactic resort of worldwide reputation has a peaceful atmosphere, beautiful monuments, spectacular views and lovely gardens that invite exploration on foot.  Our walking tour of Taormina includes Via Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, located on the site of the Roman Forum, the Palazzo Corvala, the recently unearthed remains of an imperial Roman bath, and the magnificent Teatro Greco, a Roman reconstruction of an earlier Greek theatre.  From a distance, you may see Taormina to the right, Mt. Etna directly ahead and the Sicilian coast, the Ionian Sea and Calabria to the left - all in one spectacular sweeping view.  In the afternoon we are free to explore the treasures of this extraordinary town on our own. Going back to Siracusa, enjoy a very special and unique Farewell Dinner hosted by a Contessa who will personally welcome the group for a refined dinner in her home. (Breakfast, Dinner).  

Day 8:  OCT 23, 2023:  Free day or Optional Tour:  Vendicari Natural Reserve-Marzamemi & Portopalo. 
We will visit the natural reserve of Vendicari, one of the most important nature reserves in Sicily, A natural paradise. Visit to the tonnara and the adjacent museum, beautiful description of the “mattanza”, the ancient tuna fishing.  Stop for lunch in a charming location by the sea with tasting of local products. We visit a small charming village of Arabic origin: Marzamemi, one of the prettiest seaside fishing villages which until today has been keeping its original colors and shapes. If we follow the road south we will end up at the very southeast corner of Sicily, Portopalo di Capopassero . Capo Passero, on Sicily’s southernmost tip, is one of those outposts of Europe on the border with the Mediterranean and Africa.  (Breakfast).

Day 09:  OCT 24, 2023: Depart Catania.  
After breakfast we depart by private motor coach to the Catania airport for our flight to US. (B) End of our services.


Day 1:  OCT 13, 2023 - Departure from the USA. on your overnight flight to Italy

Day 2:  OCT 14, 2023 - Welcome to Italy!  Upon arrival, proceed through customs and collect your luggage. A Jet Vacations professional guide will personally greet you.  Welcome for your discovery of La Tuscia region.  'La Tuscia' occupies the northern part of Lazio and is the old name for the present-day province of Viterbo, right in between the two prime destinations of Tuscany and Rome.  This is the homeland of the great Etruscan civilization.  Check in followed by some free time while the rooms are getting ready.  Tonight, enjoy a welcome diner with the other group members. Overnight in the Viterbo area. (Dinner)

Day 3:  OCT 15, 2023:  Bolsena Lake – Civita di Bagnoregio – Montefiascone.  Enjoy breakfast at the Hotel. This morning, meet your guide and depart on a full day tour. Start your day visiting Civita di Bagnoregio, a secluded village accessible only by a footbridge built in 1965. Due to its isolation, the gradual erosion of the hill and the surrounding valley is threatening to wipe out the fraction of the so-called "dying city." The urban structure of the entire town is of Etruscan origin, consisting of thistles, while the entire architectural coating is of the medieval and renaissance era. Then proceed to explore lake Bolsena where you will stop for a traditional lunch to try the local gentle “olive oil” on traditional dishes. Transfer to Montefiascone, a city situated on top of a hill on the side of the crater of Lake Bolsena. Walk in the village and enjoy a guided tour of the Roman-Gothic Cathedral of St. Flaviano. Enjoy a wine tasting, in this winery town prior to returning to the Hotel and evening at leisure. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 4:  OCT 16, 2023:  Caprarola & Villa Lante 16th Century Gardens and Villa.  Enjoy breakfast at the Hotel. Experience on today’s tour, some of the most incredible jewels of Italian 16th century architecture. Visit Palazzo Farnese at Caprarola, the incredible wonder of an aristocratic fortified villa/retreat. Then sample some of the best regional recipes at a local farm house. In the afternoon, proceed and visit the Villa Lante in Bagnaia, featuring the incredible 16th century gardens of Villa Lante which are featured among the most significant in all of Italy. The venue, studded with fountains and waterworks, such as the famous stepping cascade which at the time was a status symbol for powerful Italian cardinals. Evening at leisure. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 5:  OCT 17, 2023: Tarquinia & flight to Palermo.  Breakfast and check out from your hotel.  One cannot leave this region without visiting the most important remains of the Etruscan era.  Reach the Necropolis of Tarquinia. the Etruscan capital known for its intense cultural life. Visit the amazing Necropolis covering more than 4 km of rough terrain. Thousands of tombs have been discovered here, and the bright colored paintings on the tombs have helped historian to discover secrets of Etruscan life. Enjoy a light lunch before proceeding to Rome airport for your short flight to Palermo to continue with your authentic discovery of Sicily. (Breakfast, Lunch)


Day 9:  OCT 24, 2023 - Siracusa – Catania - Malta
After breakfast, check out and transfer to the Catania airport for your short flight to Malta.  Upon arrival, collect your luggage. A Jet Vacations professional guide will personally greet you and take you to the lively streets of the capital city of Valletta. Our first stop will be the Barracca Gardens which are built on top of the defensive bastions that surround this majestic city. These gardens, built by the Knights of St.John, boast breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour and the fortified Three Cities. Next, go to St John`s Co-Cathedral that brims in riches with its contrasting decorated interior and also holds an impressive display of Baroque art, including the acclaimed Caravaggio painting that is on display in the Oratory of this opulent Cathedral. Then proceed with an interesting walk where we can appreciate the capital`s buildings of historical importance including the Grand Master`s Palace. Reach your Hotel in St. Paul’s Bay. Check in and dinner. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 10:  OCT 25, 2023 – Malta Medina – Marsaxlokk.
After Breakfast at Hotel, set out on a truly relaxing excursion in and around the old capital of Malta to discover the Medieval Medina. Walk the streets of this medieval town known as the 'silent city' while your guide unravels its rich history. Discover the secretive narrow winding streets to discover its dwarfed doorways, till you reach the city's bastions from where a stunning almost 360 degrees panoramic view of the island can be seen.  The tour continues with a visit to the Dingli cliffs, known as the highest cliffs on the island. From here, you can look out to the island of Filfla.. We then proceed to the serene bay of Marsaxlokk, the main fishing village in Malta. One cannot miss all the “luzzus”, which are the typical Maltese fishing boats, lined across the bay in their traditional colors that complement the ever-popular open-air market that is held daily along the promenade. Evening at leisure (Breakfast)

Day 11:  OCT 26, 2023 - Malta at Leisure
After breakfast spend the day at leisure today to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches. We recommend an excursion by boat to visit the amazing Blue Grotto. (Breakfast)

Day 12:  OCT 27, 2023 - Gozo
After breakfast, we depart today for a special excursion, a unique way to see Malta's sister island, the natural and serene island of Gozo. After a mere 20-minute ferry crossing, you set foot on Gozo and you will notice that, although the islands are very similar, you can feel a sense of tranquility and harmony that is hard to match anywhere else. Our day starts at the megalithic temples of Ggantijja, known to be the oldest freestanding temples in the world, followed by the ramparts of the capital Victoria, the fortified City that dominates the island. As we approach sunset, we drive down to Dwejra where we capture the last rays of light as the sun disappears beyond the horizon and the remaining dark blues of the seas turn to an inky black. Ferry back to Malta and enjoy a lovely farewell dinner. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 13:  OCT 28, 2023 – Departure Day
After buffet breakfast, depart from the hotel to the airport for the flight back home. (Breakfast)




Day 1: Apr 23, 2023 - Depart US. We depart US on evening flight. (Dinner-in flight) (Breakfast-in flight)

Day 2: Apr 24, 2023 - Arrive Catania. Welcome to the southern part of this beautiful country Sicily Island! Please proceed to baggage claim and clear customs before meeting your tour manager who will be escorting you throughout your journey. We reach our centrally located Hotel in Catania, time for check in and little rest before our gentle introduction to the city the black baroque town so called because is made of lava from the neighboring Etna volcano. After enjoy a welcome dinner at local restaurant. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 3: Apr 25, 2023 - Etna & Taormina. After breakfast we drive along the coastline, renowned for its beautiful scenery, stopping to ascend the slopes of massive Mt. Etna. The volcano totally dominates the life and landscape of eastern Sicily. Some villages and roads are built from lava and the flows have cut great swaths through the valley that have ultimately provided the extremely fertile soil of the island. The views are impressive as we ascend the snow-capped mountain. Take a gentle guided walk to explore the area. After we reach Taormina Sicily’s best-known resort and it is a strong contender for the title of most beautiful place on earth! Taormina forms a balcony overlooking the sea, facing Mount Etna. This climactic resort of worldwide repute has a peaceful atmosphere, beautiful monuments, spectacular views and lovely gardens that invite exploration on foot. The coast below Taormina is fascinating. Our guided walking tour of Taormina includes Via Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, which is on the site of the Roman Forum, the Palazzo Corvala, the recently unearthed remains of an imperial Roman bath, and the magnificent Teatro Greco, a Roman reconstruction of an earlier Greek theatre. Have some free time to enjoy the local cafes or for some shopping. Evening at leisure in Catania(Breakfast)

Day 4: Apr 26, 2023 - Siracusa & Noto. Today after breakfast full day tour of Siracusa & Noto. We travel via private motor coach to this ancient city, founded by the Greeks from Corinth, and once the most important city in the Western World. Siracusa reached its zenith in the 5th century BC when it ruled all of Sicily. In the unique Parco Archeologico, the impressive ruins include the magnificent Greek Theatre, one of the biggest and best preserved in the entire Mediterranean, situated adjacent to a large Roman Coliseum and an ancient quarry possessing such remarkable acoustics that Caravaggio called it “Orecchio de Dionisiso” (the ear of Dionysius). The quarry was once a prison for 7000 Athenian prisoners of war. Following lunch on your own, we visit the beautiful island of Ortygia. Here, amid the artistic vestiges of over 2500 years of history, we walk streets once trod by Pindar, Aeschylus, Plato, Cicero and Archimedes. We explore the Piazza Archimede, the legendary Fonte Aretusa (Fountain of Arethusa), and Siracusa’s historically unique Duomo, a building that has been a Greek Temple, a Moslem Mosque and Christian church at various times in its long history, one which is clearly visible in the architecture of the building. Enjoy nice fish lunch in Ortigia. Later we reach Noto the apotheosis of a baroque town famous for its magnificent church. We return to Catania in the afternoon. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 5: Apr 27, 2023 - Messina Calabria & Sorrento: After breakfast check out and transfer to the Messina harbor for our short ferry ride to Calabria. We drive through Messina and enjoy a panoramic tour passing some point of interest such us the church of San Francesco, the Fountain of Neptune and Piazza Duomo. The astronomical clock is the most interesting component of the 60 mts. high bell-tower to the left of the Cathedral. We board the ferry and reach Calabria, region of extraordinary beauty not so popular to international tourism. Gorgeous scenery, vivid history, and the endless charm of southern Italy; a landscape dominated by the Fiumare flowing down from the peaks of Aspromonte to the sea, citrus fruit trees, vineyards, olive, fig, and almond trees typical of the Macchia Mediterranea. We will stop at the local winery for a visit and for a delicious lunch made of local products. Proceed to Sorrento, we estimate arrival in the evening. Check in at your hotel, rest of the evening at leisure. (Breakfast,Lunch)

Day 6: Apr 28, 2023 - Amalfi Drive: Breakfast at Hotel. After breakfast we depart to discover the Amalfi Coast which extends from Sorrento to Salerno in the region of Campania. Many miles of winding roads offer spectacular views of mountains and cliff formations that seem to plunge vertically into the sea. excursion exploring the enchanting towns along the picturesque Costiera Amalfitana. We will visit Positano and glimpse its buildings, clinging to the rocks. We reach Amalfi, whose origins date back to both the Roman and Byzantine Empires. It once rivaled Genoa and Pisa in its maritime importance and still retains its fishing traditions today. The first view of Amalfi is unforgettable, with its tightly packed villas and palaces seeming to tumble down the cliff side into the fishing port and beach below. Once in Amalfi we will also visit a Limoncello factory and taste some sweet liquor. Back to Sorrento in the afternoon. Enjoy evening at leisure to discover Sorrento on own. (Breakfast)

Day 7: Apr 29, 2023 - Sorrento at leisure: Breakfast at Hotel. Enjoy the day at leisure to relax in Sorrento. You may wish to explore Naples and Pompei, join us to an optional tour if you wish to do so. (Breakfast)

Day 8: Apr 30, 2023 Capri: After breakfast tour to the island of Capri. After departing your hotel, you'll be transferred to Naple’s harbor for your journey to Capri by high-speed boat for an experience of a lifetime! Capri is one of the most scenic islands in the world! Is one of the most wanted and visited island in the South of Italy. It is surrounded by a unique natural beauty and an explosive glamour. The impressive Natural Arch, the beautiful Faraglioni (rocks) and the air-filled perfume scent of the Mediterranean flowers and sea breeze, all come into play as you tour this earthly paradise. On arrival to Marina Grande, the port of Capri we board our motorboat and we enjoy a boat tour of the island for magic views and spectacular blue colours. After, go back to marina Grande and transfer by funicular to Capri. Enjoy guided walk. Time at leisure to discover the famous Piazzetta where you’ll really enjoy the Caprese atmosphere. We take a walk to Augustus' Gardens and have free time to see the narrow and elegant road of Capri, before returning to your hotel. (Breakfast)

Day 9: May 01, 2023 - Puglia Trani: After breakfast check out from Sorrento, depart for Puglia, rugged mountains and coastline along with its distinctive delicious cuisine, warm and friendly people and its myriad outstanding ancient sites await us. After the visit we reach the pretty fishing town Trani. We take our walk in Trani often called the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, a city known for its 19th century architecture and medieval art. See the castle and continue to the magnificent Cathedral one of the most beautiful and evocative Romanesque-style cathedrals in Apulia which stand towering over the sea. Time at leisure for lunch on own. Check in at our Hotel in Polignano or Martina Franca. (Breakfast)

Day 10: May 02, 2023 - Ostuni & Alberobello: We will have at breakfast at the hotel and afterwards we will depart for Ostuni known as the white capital, it is one of the most stunning towns of Southern Italy. Clinging onto three hills at the edge of Le Murge, the old centre is a spiral of whitewashed houses with dramatic views towards a sea of olive trees and further away, the blue Mediterranean Sea. After we reach a fortified Masseria, an active farm of monumental centuries old olive trees still today producing supreme quality extra virgin olive oil, visit the farm and the amazing underground olive mill which dates back to Roman times. We proceed than for our traditional Pugliese lunch at local Masseria. After lunch we discover the Trulli Valley and Alberobello a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its stunning collection of unique houses with conical roofs, visit the pretty historical centre. Evening at leisure we recommend to explore Martina Franca on own tonight and enjoy a dinner at one of the lovely restaurants. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 11: May 03, 2023 - Matera: After breakfast depart for visiting Matera the city of the “Sassi” (ancient stone houses) still inhabited today as in ancient times. People in this area have lived in carved cliff side dwelling in gullies and ravines. The honey-colored soft stone have been used for centuries to build these dwellings. Today the area still evokes ancient times and provided the backdrop for Mel Gibson’s film, “The Passion of Christ” which was filmed on location in Matera. We will have a guided tour of the village and have free time experience the magic of Matera. Evening at leisure in Martina Franca. (Breakfast).

Day 12: May 04, 2023 - Bari: Have a relaxing breakfast at the Hotel. Depart to visit Bari the capital of Puglia, with its elegant waterfront, Murat district, streets and boulevards adorned with elegant and refined buildings. The old city Bari Vecchia is an area of rare beauty and a perfect example of medieval architecture. Guided visit to the Basilica of San Nicola that houses the relics of San Nicolas: stands imposingly in the Old Town of Bari. Continuation of the guided visit to the Norman Castle, Piazza Ferrarese e Mercantile and the historic center. Time at leisure in Bari. Evening at leisure (Breakfast)

Day 13: May 05, 2023 - Lecce / Manduria Wine Region: Enjoy a relaxing breakfast at your hotel. After breakfast we depart for visiting Lecce, with its wealth of art, its elegance and culture, is named the “Florence of the South”. Upon arrival meet the guide for a gentle walking tour of the historical center of Lecce, the beautiful Baroque style monuments with such a wealth of embellishment and decorations to appear embroidered. Visit the Basilica di Santa Croce site of the most important local Roman ruins and the Duomo standing in one of the loveliest piazza of Italy. Have some free time to try one of the several restaurants and make some shopping. In the afternoon enjoy a journey into the countryside, we will reach Manduria which is the wine district producer of the prestigious Primitivo wine. We visit the local winery which houses an interesting museum of local traditions, a fascinating journey through time. Have a country style early dinner at the winery paired with their nice wines. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 14: May 06, 2023 - Departure: After breakfast at the Hotel check out and transfer to Bari airport for your flight back home Arrivederci!

Sicily, Sorrento and Puglia



Day 1: Thursday, April 20 – Depart Philadelphia for overnight flight to Amsterdam.

Day 2: Friday, April 21 – Amsterdam, Zaans Schans, Edam, and Volendam
Upon arrival, proceed through customs and collect baggage.  A Jet Vacations guide will greet you and take you on a scenic journey to several villages, including Zaanse Schans, a pretty historical village on the Zaan River.  There are well preserved windmills some dating to the 17th century and an open-air museum.  Continue to Edam and enjoy a walking tour.  Travel to Volendamto to spend the afternoon before traveling back to Amsterdam for a short walking tour around the hotel and Welcome Dinner at the hotel. (Dinner)

Day 3: Saturday, April 22 – Amsterdam: Canal Tour and Rijksmuseum
Enjoy a full day tour of Amsterdam beginning with  boat tour along the city’s UNESCO canals past picturesque gabled houses, bridges, and churches.  After lunch at a local restaurant, visit the recently renovated Rijksmuseum, the national museum dedicated to the arts and history of the Netherlands.  The museum contains a collection of over one million pieces.  There are over 8,000 displays in 80 galleries, including Vermeer’s Milkmaid and Rembrandt’s Night Watch.  Return to the hotel for a free evening. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 4: Sunday, April 23 – Delft, The Hague, and Mauritshuis Museum
Travel to Delft, the home of Vermeer.  Visit the Delft Pottery Factory to learn how the blue-and-white Delft pottery is made.  Then explore the city center to see the Waag (Weigh House), Oude Kerk (Old Church), and Nieuwe Kerk (New Church).  Enjoy free time for lunch in Delft.  In the afternoon travel to The Hague, the government center of the Netherlands and the world’s judicial capital.  Stop to see the Peace Palace and continue on to the Mauritshuis Museum, home to the best Golden Age Dutch paintings, including Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholaes Tulp, Fabritius’s The Goldfinch, and Potter’s The Bull.  Return to the hotel for a free evening. (Breakfast)

Day 5 – Monday, April 24 – Teylers Museum in Haarlem and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Travel to Haarlem to visit the Teylers Museum, an art, natural history, and science museum and then enjoy free time for lunch before traveling back to Amsterdam to visit the Van Gogh Museum to see works of art that influenced Vincent Van Gogh as well the largest collection of works by the artist, including his paintings, drawings, and letters.  Return to the hotel for a free evening. (Breakfast)

Day 6 – Tuesday, April 25 – Keukenhof Gardens and Amsterdam
Travel to the Keurkenhof Gardens, one of the world’s largest flower gardens which covers 79 acres with spring flowers and of course its lovely tulips.  Enjoy free time for lunch and then return to Amsterdam for a free afternoon and evening. (Breakfast)

Day 7 – Wednesday, April 26 – Gouda and Utrecht
Travel to Gouda, the historic city in the province of South Holland, known for its cheese, candles, and waffles of stroopwafels.  During the tour of the city enjoy a cheese tasting at a local cheese shop and stroopwafels at a local waffle bakery followed by lunch.  After lunch continue to Utrecht, a city in central Netherlands and a religious center.  It has a medieval town center, canals, Christian monuments, and a university.  The Domtoren, a 14th century bell tower, stands opposite the Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin on the century square.  Enjoy a guided tour and free time.  Return to the hotel for a free eveing. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 8 – Thursday, April 27 – Amsterdam and King’s Day Festivities
Today is a day free to enjoy the city-wide King’s Day Festivities in honor of the birthday of the Dutch king, Willem Alexander.  Before his mother, Queen Beatrix, abdicated in 2013 it was known as Queen’s Day.  Experience the city filled with orange-clad revelers.  Return to the hotel for the Farewell Dinner. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 9 – Friday, April 28 – Departure Day.  
After breakfast, depart for home or continue on to Bruges on the Post-Trip. (Breakfast).

Tulip Time in the Netherlands