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Your feedback is very important, to us, but also to other travelers as everyone wants to know if they are in good hands when traveling the planet.

As you have already experienced traveling with Jet Vacations and sampled first hand the level of commitment that we put into each of our groups, we are encouraging you to be our Ambassador and leave us a short testimonial of your recent experience while traveling, recognizing someone that made your trip extra special, or an act that you noticed and touched you.

Doing so will help us and future travelers being more at peace with their decision on who to select as their Travel Partners. Thank you.

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Young man

Jeanne R.

I just filled out a survey, but wanted to tell you that Jane T., our London host, was amazing.  Considering the average  age of this group and all their individual needs, she was gracious, accommodating and professional, with a wonderful attitude and smile.

Happy young man

R. J.

Can’t thank you enough for your hard work during our trip this past week, as well as your smile and positive, accommodating attitude. 

Young woman

June F. & Ruth P.

We appreciate Jet Vacations supplying such a great tour guide in Montecatini!  Carolyn Bosi was absolutely fantastic, very knowledgable, and anticipated our needs.

Young man

Mary S. Acting Secretary

Sicily is such a beautiful country to experience and travel through and we were so delighted with our wonderful Guide.

Our March 2022 Greece trip was beyond spectacular and I received very high and positive feedback from the group. 
The group lunches and dinners were far superior to your typical group meals and the guides and the TM all were extraordinary. 
Group saw and did a lot in  the short 5 nights we were there. 
It also helped that the weather could not have been any warmer or nicer. 
Thanks to one and all for an award winning Greece program.
The hotel's great location in the Plaka made up for it just being a good clean and decent 3+ star hotel. Staff were great as was it's cleanliness. Decent buffet breakfast as well. 

I just filled out a survey, but wanted to tell you that Jane T., our London host, was amazing.  Considering the average  age of this group and all their individual needs, she was gracious, accommodating and professional, with a wonderful attitude and smile.  We had a very different kind of week with the attack the second day we were there, and she and the bus drivers dealt with the street closures and London traffic with amazing deftness and patience.  I appreciate the fact that she let us all use her cell phone to call worried family since we did not have service, and also the reimbursement of the dinner we did not make the evening of the attack due to street closures and stopped traffic, but we did make the performance that evening on a street which was closed to vehicles, and the driver got as close as possible even though we had to walk.  But, while we were inside enjoying the show, I guess Jane T. performed her amazing tricks and the bus was waiting for us outside the theater when we exited the was a “David Copperfield” moment as this street was still closed!!   I was the younger, more athletic person than the rest of the group on this trip, but she was amazing in always trying to get the group as close to everything as possible given the circumstances.  She gave me great information when I emailed her prior to the trip, and the local guide, Mr. Stuart S., was very interesting, funny, engaging, and I was glad we had him on two separate occasions.  Again, although it was a very different kind of week with the kind of world we now live in, things went smoothly..she, Jet Vacations, and London “stayed calm, and carried on”.  My sincere thanks...  Jeanne R.

 Can’t thank you enough for your hard work during our trip this past week, as well as your smile and positive, accommodating attitude.  I don’t know how much sleep you had, but you were amazing.  I guess one just has to have a special kind of personality to do the hard work you do.  As a frequent tour traveler and single person, I try to stay out of the way of the tour guides and not be an additional person for them to worry about, but I see how great you were with all the different personalities and needs of the individuals there...and it was a different kind of week with the terror attack on top of added a different spin on the trip, and you and the bus drivers handled it smoothly, were incredible in getting the group as close as possible to the venues considering the circumstances and traffic obstacles.  I also enjoyed immensely Stuart Shaw’s wit, stories and comments. (This was my first TDF tour as I enjoy live theater, but personally I felt like a fish out of water as this group seemed a little more “mature” you can see, I research prior to going on trips and have my itinerary to see and do as much as possible on my free time.  I have been on tours to Chile and Patagonia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Archipelago, and those age groups are more active like myself, etc.)  Just to say I appreciate all that you and Jet Vacations did...the dinner reimbursement, using your phone to call our family, the rooms being ready when we arrived due to your hard work, the bus appearing on a closed street when we left the theater on Wednesday evening, giving me the “London Walks” info (which I used), and Poppies recommendation (never got to go there as there wasn’t much time).  I regret not buying you a little something, or having a drink and enjoying your company.  I plan to visit London again in the future, and hope, if you’re nearby when I’m there, I can treat you to that much deserved drink.  God bless you, and happy travels, and again, “gracias”!  (Let Stuart know when you see him that I looked forward to the second time he was with us as I found him as interesting and engaging as some of the sights we saw Winking smile )  , Regards, R. J.

 We appreciate Jet Vacations supplying such a great tour guide in Montecatini!  Carolyn B. was absolutely fantastic, very knowledgable, and anticipated our needs.  She even went above and beyond what we thought her duties might include.  One example--when some of us decided to take the train to Lucca on our free day, she volunteered to walk us to the train station and made sure we got on the right train.  She was very helpful and patient with a bunch of Texas travelers.  She's a jewel!  Again, Victor, thank you for helping to make this tour to Tuscany and Rome a memorable trip.  June F. & Ruth P.

Confirming my earlier telephone conversation with you this afternoon, I'm very interested in conveying the thoughts of most all of the people from the Naples Italian American Foundation who travelled with "Jet Vacations" throughout Sicily. Sicily is such a beautiful country to experience and travel through and we were so delighted with our wonderful Guide, Davide Agrusa.  He was so considerate, helpful and kind to each and everyone of us on this tour.  He always solved any problems that surfaced in a fair and impartial manner. Up high in the mountain of Taormina I believe on the second day, a kindly and pleasant Italian Gentlemen was playing happy tunes on his fiddle (of course as long as we kept contributing to his hat set up on a stump in front of him).  We danced and sang and a grand ole time was shared with one another.  On May 17th in Agrigento, many enjoyed visiting and touring Villa del Casale at Piazza Armerina a Roman Villa known for its beautifully well preserved Roman mosaics excavated in the 20th century. On May 18th on the way to Palermo we had the pleasure to visit and dine at the country  house of the Regaleali Estate of the Tasca d' Almerita Family known for so many years throughout the world for their award winning wines.  And so many varieties flowed generously to all of us making our next stop peaceful and quiet as so many napped on the bus along the way.  The elaborately set table took our breath away and seated all 21 of us at one huge table.  The food was as delicious and superbly served as was the wine. Before we left we had a grand tour of their very large and immaculate facilities. So many were taking photos of the labels so they could locate them when arriving home. This e-mail is getting wordy but I can't finish without mentioning yet another visit to the western part of the island.  It was in Erice, a medieval town built on the top of Monte San Giuliano.  Then onto an Oil Mill and Farmhouse locally called "Baglio" to experience a Sicilian tradition and have a country style lunch.  We  were greeting by a beautiful singing lady looking down on us from a balcony. She came down and joined us singing so many Italian favorite songs. By the end of dinner, we were all singing and dancing and having so much fun.  This is when we found out our guide, Davide, not only knew the words  but led us in singing. He has a very good voice too and is such a good sport. In closing, I can't forget what a good driver we had.  None of us could have ever found our way on our own much less drive amongst those crazy Italian drivers and bikers!  He was very attentive while driving but joined us when we were dining and just plain having "FUN".  His name was Salvatore; sorry I never caught his last name. Anyway, our heartfelt  thanks from all of us in this group. Mary S. Acting Secretary

Just did a River Cruise with your Company. Barbara was our group leader and I just want to say Thank You Barbara. She was outstanding and so very helpful. Please give her a raise . She went out of her way to help all the group and never complained about what she had to do and I believe she even might have missed her flight out of Paris. Because of her I would highly recommend your agency for another trip to my clients. Many thanks again.  Jim S.

 Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that Italy Tour with the C.R.O in July was one of the highlights of my life. The accommodations were beautiful, the food was delicious, and of course, the band was the BEST!.   Thank You for a wonderful itinerary.  Rae G. 

 Sorry I didn't get to you as soon as we returned from the C.R.O trip but it's been busy. We had a FANTASTIC TIME.  Everything on the tour was just great and wanted to send a quick thank you (again) for all of your help.  Besides the group trip, visiting Steve's relatives in Bari area was just amazing, too!!  We are sooooo lucky and appreciative! Thanks for all of your assistance!   Hope we can be in touch in the future.  Frannie & Allen

 I’m lifting my head about the breaking waves of the first week of our jam-packed summer program to send a belated thank you to you both for providing such a fine program for CAU in Parma and Bologna. The arrangements you made from Milan pickup to Bologna delivery were exactly of the kinds we value—attractive, timely, efficient, etc. To say that we ate a month’s worth of food is no exaggeration (born of the wonderful food culture of Italy about which I  have no complaints).  I find myself wishing during these less lavish days back in Ithaca that someone would put a lovely plate of prosciutto before me.  When reviews come back, it is possible I’ll find that people somewhat preferred the Parma hotel, but I found both hotels to be appropriate, attractive, and well-sited.  It is impossible to overstate what a wonderful choice of country guide Nora was. As a recently returned evaluation says, “I was blown away by Nora—depth of knowledge as well as warm enthusiasm. She loves the objects and the culture which produced them and this shows. Though I expect excellence and companionability from our faculty, I had not expected such a high level from our guide.”  Nora was wonderful—a deeply knowledgeable, sophisticated guide and story teller who moved from the logistical to the sublime with ease.  Thank you for appointing her and please send her written word—we thanked her in person—so that she knows how much we appreciated her.  This is all by way of saying that I should have sent you an orchid. Thank you very much for the beauty you sent to me.  I also write to say that I’d appreciate hearing of a few of your most successful recent programs. An October/November hole has opened up in our ’15  study tour schedule and I am on a tear to fill it in.  Perhaps we can talk tomorrow.  Many thanks, Cathy

 Jet Vacations has proven to be a very excellent, responsive and friendly travel company with which to arrange group tours.  We have used them for several very different travel-abroad experiences for our university students, alumni and friends over the years (China, Spain, Peru, Italy etc.). They are easy to work with.  They respond quickly and are able to customize the trips according to our specific needs and requests.  The hotels are excellent both in terms of cleanliness, friendliness and convenience.  The included meals are very special experiences.  The English-speaking native guides are very knowledgeable and willing to do so much more than you would normally expect from a guide.  The guides are very helpful with the questions and special requests of the tour participants and at times our tours have had 40 participants.  I've never had any problems with Jet Vacations' tours.  In fact, I've always been surprised by how their tours always exceed my expectations.  You will not be disappointed.   Prof. Jon D. B, Ph.D.

 I would like to inform you that we are back from our China and Hong Kong trip.  Everything went perfectly as planned. Our students enjoyed every moment of the study tour. Your representatives in all the three locations - David, Mark and Kelly were the best any one could yearn for. They were all extremely helpful.  The hotels you selected for us were excellent (especially Hotel Nikko). The food was outstanding at all locations. We have nothing but praise for the diligent work you put into this. We hope our next trip to Argentina and Brazil will be equally excellent.   Karl C. A. PhD Chair of Department of Business Administration

 It is a pleasure to work with the team at Jet Vacations. Their flexibility, patience and attention to detail make the Jet team the go-to group for me when planning affordable quality travel experiences for the Fort Worth Chamber. And, their people on the ground when you get to your destination are knowledgeable, friendly and there to assist our travelers navigate the unknown.  Marilyn G, Executive Vice President

 Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in escorting us throughout your beautiful country.  We  shall always have many wonderful memories from this trip.  I took over 1500 pictures and am now going through them to make a book.  Speaking of book, I would love to have a copy of your new book when you release it.  Just let me know what website I could go to order it.    I will keep you in my prayers.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season……hugs,  Judy B.  

 Jet Vacations did a great job on the cruise. My wife and I were very happy with all parts of our trip - including the Prague extension.  As we discuss our trip with others in the future, we will highly recommend Jet Vacations!  Thank you again for a great job!  Gregory S. S. Esq

 Just a quick note to tell you how absolutely fabulous our cruise was -- simply above and beyond first class -- i truly believe i was treated like royalty.  the ship was beautiful and spotless, the food great and the crew couldn't have been nicer -- not to mention the wonderful places we visited and the great people i got to meet.  i was even invited to go next yeer ofar with the texas group on the cruise they are taking with fort worth chamber of commerce - somewhere in france and ending up in the netherlands.  Again = thanks for making this trip most memorable.  Charlotte C.

 Just a little feedback from Jamey and Michael H on the River Cruise with the Chamber-everything was perfect. We could not have asked for a nicer trip and thank you for organizing. It seems like it all went off like clockwork. Thanks again.  Jamey H.

Your follow up is just above and beyond the call of duty when it seems almost no one follows up on anything! You're the best.  Please do me a favor and forward this email to your manager or supervisor, as a customer request. I don't remember ever dealing with anyone who took enough interest to ask all the right questions until they fully understood all my concerns, presented me with all the appropriate solutions and then followed up to make sure everything went satisfactorily.  You are a credit to your organization and I hope they value you highly. Thanks for making my day brighter and I hope you have a wonderful week! John A. 

 Just got back to the office today! Thank you so much for the lovely time! We had such a marvelous time and I cannot say enough about the service we got there. You and the team were just superb!  We had personalized service for us and was there to meet our every need and more.I would recommend you both any day!  Josie O.  

We are back and 100% satisfied.  The group had a wonderful time.  All parts came together smoothly. Our guide Barry and bus driver were excellent, caring and conscientious.  The memories will last a long time.I can't wait to tell everyone about JetVacations.  My group can't wait until the next adventure next spring.I will start working on an itinerary in mid May. Thank you all, for always getting back to me quickly and answering all my questions.  I have the utmost confidence in JetVacations and hope to plan many more trips through your company.Your attention to detail and our concerns were taken seriously and made this trip this outstanding experience it was.Once again, I look forward to planning trips with you and have full confidence in you as professionals.How lucky to have met you.Sincerely. Lorraine S.​

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